• Workshops

    Beauty is a Verb

    If we want to look radiant and sexy, we need care for our whole selves. Holistic skincare is whole body, whole self care--not just topical skincare. Learn 5 strategies for beauty from the inside out. Drawing on the wisdom of nutrition, exercise and emotional and intellectual health, this hands-on workshop empowers you to make the best beauty choices. Plus take home Bad Glinda Soap Studio goodies!

    Fundamentals of Yoga

    Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this interactive workshop is for you. Feel confident and comfortable to modify poses for your body and your practice. Use props like a pro. Challenge your expectations and push past what's holding you back in your yoga practice. Think mountain pose is too easy? We are going to find all the muscles in the base of our feet in mountain. Think balancing poses are just for super bendy youngsters? Feel strong and secure in any pose.

    We'll break down poses into their elements. We will notice how we get into and out of poses. We'll explore how poses are linked together and build on one another. We'll be sometimes silly, sometimes serious and all the time mindful of our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.

    Bring your questions and your sense of humor and ask your ego to wait outside for a little while.

    This is a special opportunity to develop or deepen your practice with hands-on adjustments and discussion. 

    Say Hell Yes to Life

    Get ready to get grateful, feel love, have fun, and finally figure out not just how to survive your life, but how to thrive. ​In this special, super fun group, you will finally make plans you can keep and that make sense for you right now. We will:

    • craft your personal vision & mission
    • design your passion driven life
    • learn how hell no makes space for hell yes

    At the end of this workshop, you will feel inspired to act every day in ways that feel not just good, but right and true. You will make and keep goals that align your passion and your purpose.

    Stop sacrificing passion for purpose. Learn how to finally say Hell Yes to life.

    Did I Just Say That Out Loud? Mindful Communication

    This workshop could be titled: "How Not to Feel Like an Ass Every Time You Open Your Mouth." Maybe it's just me, but I sometimes speak before thinking. I talk over people. I interrupt. I defend myself. I object. I give advice or criticize. And then I feel like an ass. But, when we speak and listen from a place of curiosity and care, we say what we mean and we mean what we say. Stop feeling embarrassed or guilty. Learn 3 tools for mindful communication.

    The Happy Mind

    Happiness is not a state, rather it is a trait--a way of being in the world. When we experience true and lasting happiness, we feel happy even when things don't work out the way we hope. Learn the 5 secrets of happy people.

    Mindful Parenting or How Not to Go Crazy

    Give yourself a break! Parenting is hard. Learn how to acknowledge the challenges, take in the good, and bring compassion to our children and ourselves. Learn how new understandings of brain science help us integrate our children's developing brains and help us soothe our own stresses.

    Peace in Our Time: Mindful Practices to Stress Less

    Peace is not the absence of chaos. It is resiliency in the midst of chaos. Learn 3 mindfulness practices to feel peaceful when the world around you is stressful.

    Contact heather@badglinda.com to book a workshop for your group.


    Daytona State College Lunch & Learn Series Did I Just Say that Out Loud: Mindful Communication, February, 2017 ​

    Daytona State College, School of Behavioral Sciences: Yoga, Mindfulness & Eastern Theories of Personality, December 2016  

    South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference "Schooling the Self: Utopia and Dystopia in the Mindfulness in Education Movement,"  panel presentation and discussion, ​Jacksonville, November 2016  

    Daytona State College Career Employee Association Mindfulness for Stress Relief Mini-Workshop, November 2016  

    Daytona State College Fall Planning Mindfulness for Stress Relief,  August 2016  

    Daytona State College Writing Across the Curriculum / Writing in the Disciplines Workshop Co-Facilitator, May 2016  

    Daytona State College TRIO Spring Conference  The Desire Map, February 2016  

    Daytona State College School of Humanities & Communication Foundational Practices for Mindfulness & Student Success, February 2016  

    Daytona State College, School of Behavioral Sciences Mindfulness, Yoga, & Eastern Theories of Personality, November 2015  

    Daytona State College Lunch & Learn Series The Desire Map, November 2015  

    Daytona State College Academic Excellence Symposium Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction & Student Success, March 2015  

    Daytona State College, School of Behavioral Sciences Yoga & Eastern Theories of Personality, November 2014  

    Daytona State College Lunch & Learn Series Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, November 2014  

    Front Porch Counseling Center Beauty is a Verb: 5 Actions for Radiant Skin, June 2014  

    Sunrise Today with Brenda O'Donnell, WNDB Radio Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, June 2014  

    Front Porch Counseling Center Feed the Self: Mind-Body Practices for Creative Writers, April 2014  

    Sunrise Today with Brenda O'Donnell, WNDB Radio Fit Fat, January 2014  

    Daytona State College, School of Behavioral Sciences Eastern Theories of Self & Personality, November 2013  

    Front Porch Counseling Center Get Happy This Summer Workshop: The 5 Secrets of Happy People, June 2013  

    Front Porch Counseling Center Nurture the Goddess Within: Women's Health Workshop, January 2013  

    Conference on College Composition & Communication Recipes, Protest, & Rhetoric: Alice Waters and the Food Revolution, March 2009  

    CCCC E-Wave Students' Compositions/Teachers' Pedagogies with Karla Kitalong, Using Visual Autoethnography to Theorize Visual Culture, March 2007  

    CCCC Computer Connections Paperless Peer Review: Using McGraw Hill's Catalyst for Effective Writing Response, March 2007  

    University of Central Florida School of Film and Digital Media Graduate Student Colloquium Women, the Web, and Welsh Rarebit, November 2006  

    University of Central Florida Texts & Technology Program Digital Rhetoric & HTML Personal Website and Writing Samples 

    Southwest Popular Culture Conference Sift Three Times: Gendering the Rhetoric of Chocolate Cake, February 2005

    Courses Designed & Taught


    Introduction to Composition
    Writing with Research
    Literature & Composition
    Developmental Writing
    Developmental Reading


    Magazine Writing I & II
    Writing for Technical Professionals
    Report Writing


    Early American Literature
    World Literature I
    Maritime Literature
    Humanities I


    Introduction to Public Speaking


    Literature & Culture and Soundtrack Design (in development)
    Literature & Composition and Humanities I
    Literature & Composition and Creative Writing
    Developmental Reading and Developmental Writing
    Developmental Reading and Student Success


    Mindfulness & Composition
    Environmentalism & Composition
    Multiculturalism & Composition
    Food Writing
    Research with Writing about Popular Music in America
    The Hero and His Community
    War Literature
    Love Literature
    ​The American Dream


    Pearson REVEL Interactive Reading & Writing platform

    Capstone project in Writing with Research: The American Dream moving students through primary research, secondary research, writing for real world audiences, and converting a written profile into a short documentary video.

    Capstone project in Introduction to Composition: Happiness moving students through critical reading of sources, integration of sources with their own ideas to participate in a conversation on an issue, writing for a real world audience, and designing a live Web site.

    Web-based numerical assessment rubrics for reading, responding, and composition assignments.

    Creative projects and exams asking students to write in the voice of characters, construct dioramas, draw maps, curate museum collections, photograph architecture, volunteer in their communities, become citizen scientists, and write real-world proposals.

    Academic Publications

    Cook, Eat, and Write the Self: L’ecriture Feminine, Alice Waters, and the Slow Food Revolution, 21.1-4 (Spring 2011)

    Visual Resources
    Book Review: Transforming Images: How Photography Complicates the Picture, by Barbara Savedoff, 19.1, 2003

    Book Review: Picturing Chinatown: Art and Orientalism in San Francisco by Anthony Lee, 19.2, 2003

    Pearson Higher Education
    Visual Rhetoric Media Supplement, 2006

    The Explicator
    The Relationship Between Prosody and Theme in Yeats’ “Among School Children.” 54.3 (Spring 1996)